Some of podcasting’s pros shared what’s new in the industry that’s making life easier for creators, advertisers and fans! While at Podcast Movement Evolutions in Los Angeles, I spoke with Justine Benjamin of AdsWizz/Simplecast, Todd Cochrane of Blubrry Podcasting, and Sam Sethi – who I know and love from his own co-hosting of PodNews Weekly Review podcast, but now also the founder of a whole new way to monetize podcasts.

Here’s what you’ll learn from these on-the-fly conversations with industry trailblazers who are shaping the future of podcasting:

First up, Justine Benjamin, the global head of marketing for Adswizz and Simplecast, part of the SiriusXM family, helps simplify the complex ecosystem of podcast technology. She discusses the strategic union of Adswizz’s enterprise-level monetization platforms with Simplecast’s podcast hosting and distribution services. Justine’s insights on global trends and the need for education to bridge the ad dollar gap in podcasting are invaluable. 

“We ​want ​to ​make ​sure ​that ​the ​challenges ​that ​you’re ​facing, ​whether ​it ​be ​around ​brand ​safety ​or ​loss ​of ​IDs, ​and ​how ​you ​meet ​that ​with ​contextual ​targeting, ​all ​of ​these ​things ​that ​really ​matter ​and ​are ​solving ​issues ​that ​we’re ​having ​today ​in ​podcast ​advertising.” — Justine Benjamin, AdsWizz

Hear what wow’d her during some of the sessions at Podcast Movement — including takeaways from Tom Webster’s research presentation and the findings from Edison Research as well (summed up in this article from PodNews.)

Next, podcast hall of famer Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry Podcasting (where this show is hosted — but got no comp for this!), describes their new AI-driven production tools designed to streamline podcast planning, production, and promotion.

“We’re ​approaching ​a ​new ​era ​where  ​listeners ​and ​people ​that ​watch ​video ​are ​going ​to ​be ​looking ​for ​trustworthy ​sources ​of ​information ​because ​there’s ​going ​to ​be ​such ​a ​plethora ​of ​AI ​generated ​content  ​that ​people ​are ​going ​to ​be ​seeking ​genuine ​voices.  And ​you ​want ​to ​be ​part ​of ​that ​genuine ​voices ​group ​as ​over ​the ​next ​two ​or ​three ​years, ​where ​you’re ​not ​going ​to ​know ​what ​to ​trust. But ​when ​you ​see ​someone ​speaking ​or ​you ​hear ​someone ​speaking and ​get ​to ​know ​them, ​I ​think ​it’s ​different.” — Todd Cochrane, CEO, Blubrry Podcasting

And looks like (sounds like?) the new ‘Vid2Pod’ service will be a game-changer for YouTube-first creators, allowing them to effortlessly transform video content into bona fide audio podcasts. He also shares his optimistic outlook on podcast growth and the unique opportunities for creators in today’s market.

Then, Sam Sethi, entrepreneur and podcast industry aficionado, introduces us to ‘TrueFans’—one of the new platforms enabling microtransactions for podcasters — supporting a ‘third way’ for creators to earn revenue, alongside advertising and subscriptions. Sam demystifies the concept of ‘sats’ (fractions of Bitcoin) and the ‘value for value’ model, which allows direct financial appreciation from fans to creators.

“We wanted to create a new third way of monetizing for creators… microtransactions being the new one.” — Sam Sethi, TrueFans


He also discusses the potential of a new advertising model that rewards listeners for their time and attention, fundamentally changing the way we think about podcast monetization. (Very forward thinking! And hint: don’t think “podcast apps”; think “RSS Marketplace”!)

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of technology, monetization, and the future of podcasting. Join me, E.B. Moss, to understand the latest trends and tools that are redefining the podcast industry, one microtransaction at a time.


01:11 Epi 18 of Insider Interviews: A Deep Dive into Podcasting Innovations
02:08 Spotlight on Justine Benjamin: Explaining Ad Tech and Monetization Strategies from AdsWizz
09:41 Todd Cochrane: Evoloving Podcasting with AI and YouTube Integrations
18:59 Sam Sethi’s Vision: Micro-Payments and the Future of Podcasting Currencies
21:51 Understanding Web 3.0 and Micropayments
22:34 The TrueFans App: A Deep Dive
25:33 Exploring the Value for Value Model
31:06 The Podcast Standards Project: Elevating the Industry
32:49 Expanding Beyond Podcasts: The RSS Marketplace

Key Takeaways:

– The podcast industry — which is actually offers superior ROI for advertisers —  is seeking new ways to close the gap in ad revenue through education and technology.

– AI-driven tools are revolutionizing podcast planning and production, making it accessible to creators of all sizes.

– Microtransactions and the ‘value for value’ model offer a fresh approach to podcast monetization, allowing fans to directly support their favorite shows.

– New advertising models that reward listener engagement could lead to more accurate metrics and a fairer exchange of value.


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