To learn about how audio and advertising is evolving — in an enjoyable way — there’s really no one better to hear from than John Rosso. While I’ll forever be grateful that perhaps helping him pivot to avoid a close encounter with potato salad (you’ll just have to listen to understand) led me to work for him at then Citadel Media, he has since continued to hold pivotal roles and helped shape the audio landscape.

For example, during his current tenure as President/CEO of Triton Digital, the company has acquired a cutting edge service to aid in contextual ad buying and just launched open market capabilities with the Magnite Clearline platform. Oh, and improved upon audience attribution for podcasting.

“If you want to not just know how many listeners or how many downloads your podcast has, but you want to go a layer deeper, much deeper and understand the demography, the socioeconomics, the behaviors and intents of your audience, we have a product that does that.”

See what I mean? 

Certainly Triton Digital’s streaming rankers are well known, but their technological advancements in audio have been game-changing; if you’re in media or marketing you won’t want to miss his take on the their innovative contributions to content management, ad technology, and audience measurement. Rosso also walks us through the nuances of programmatic audio advertising and how it’s transforming from a secondary stream to a dominant force in the industry. We also dissect the emerging trends, including the rise of programmatic guaranteed deals with local advertisers, and the complexities of ad placement in a fragmented podcasting world and the integration of linear broadcast spots into digital ecosystems.

Ever wonder how to navigate the terrain of YouTube as best practices for podcasters? Or what’s best among various ad formats. Do you have an opinion on synthetic voice? We do! What about the place for radio as a medium for public service, particularly during unforeseen events like the New York earthquake? Hear what New Yorker’s were listening to!

This interview is a must-catch for anyone interested in the future of audio content and advertising. Tune in to John’s expertise for an episode that’s as informative as it is fun.

Key Moments:

01:16 The Evolution of Media and a Media Career: From Radio to Digital Audio
03:47 Demystifying Triton Digital: The Backbone of Online Audio
06:48 Pioneering Ad Insertion and Programmatic Advertising
09:58 Global Reach, Local Impact: Triton’s Diverse Audio Ecosystem
12:31 Monetization and Trends in Digital Audio: From Local to Global
16:44 Contextual Advertising and Brand Suitability
20:29 The Future of Audio: Synthetic Voices and AI Developments
29:11 Best Practices for Audio Advertisers
35:24 Radio’s Public Service Power and Personal Insights

About John Rosso

As President and CEO of Triton Digital, John Rosso oversees Triton’s global operations delivering advertising technology and audience measurement solutions that serve the entire audio ecosystem, including radio, streaming, social audio, podcasting and more. Prior to joining Triton Digital, John previous served as President of Citadel Media, one of the largest commercial radio networks, where he directed all activities and achieved significant operational and financial performance improvement. John has also held senior roles in sales, affiliate marketing, and technology at the ABC Radio division of The Walt Disney Company. A frequent speaker on the topics of online audience measurement and ad technology, John is active in a wide array of broadcasting and digital media industry initiatives and serves as a member of the board of directors of the Radio Advertising Bureau.

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