How to Maximize Streaming Revenue and Creator Power — Lessons from a Digital Native and a Media Maven

At an age when most are consumed with after-school activities, 17-year-old Braden Blacker is consumed with generating a billion-views a month. The entrepreneurial high schooler is disrupting the creator marketing industry, helping manage staggering monthly viewership for top influencers like The Botez Sisters and Sketch, across platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Listen to Braden to […]

Navigating CTV and Thriving with AI – POVs from the Pundits

Can AI revolutionize media without sacrificing creativity and jobs? My latest episode was recorded spontaneously at the Streaming Media Conference in New York, starting with media cartographer Evan Shapiro to explain and caution us about the current media landscape, especially regarding connected TV challenges. Evan, who helmed and shaped the conference, walks the innovation talk, […]

Cynthia Nelson Explains Video Commerce

Before she became an expert in video commerce, Cynthia Nelson participated in developing some of the first e-commerce and shopping sites, which paved the way for platforms like Amazon. Now in Epi 17 of Insider Interviews with E.B. Moss she offers practically a master class in the evolving world of shoppable video — or as […]

The News on News, Brand Safety and Media Buying

CES (now an acronym, but AKA the Consumer Electronics Show) has grown beyond just a cool tool and tech showcase to being a place ripe for conversations on cool marketing and ad tech. It was a watershed moment for the attendee count of my media industry cohort, with many remarking that it was like a […]

Bonus: Tech, Sounds, and Observations at CES with ThoughtLeaders

I strolled CES with thought leaders David Berkowitz, founder of Serial Marketers, AIMG and FOAF, Jeff Minsky, Founder, Mediawhizards, LLC, and longtime media sales pro, Kathy Newberger. In this bonus episode, we touched on a wide range of topics shaping the future of the industry…and covered some literal miles, too.  We compared firsthand experiences, some […]

Bonus: Previewing ‘24: E.B. Moss and Cynthia Nelson on Media Trends and Takeaways

Kicking off 2024, my fellow podcaster – but really more known as the expert in shoppable video, Cynthia Nelson – turned the mic on me, inviting me to guest on her show “Let’s Talk About Live Shopping.” Being in the hot seat myself was instructive as I thought back to the many takeaways of my […]