I’m a radio brat. We hijacked the common military slang for those who moved around a lot. In our case it was my Dad getting hired and the next bigger radio market…and the next bigger radio market. So, being “raised in radio” explains a little about the origins of this podcast – interviewing those in the media, marketing, advertising and entertainment industry. Because after following in my dad’s footsteps to a radio career, I also found my own footing in television, publishing…and, yup, digital audio.

But just for backstory, my fledgling radio career in local New Jersey stations DID lead to a decent career in doing voiceovers in San Francisco…and even landing the same agent as Casey Kasem in Hollywood! But that’s where it stopped…until I went behind the scenes, marketing radio, then television at E!, Lifetime and Food networks…and guess what? Then audio companies, too, like Westwood One and AdLarge.

That led me I began writing about the media and marketing industry …and then as Managing Editor/Head of Content Strategy for Jack Myers’ MediaVillage most recently I began interviewing everyone from agency leaders like Sir Martin Sorrell and brand experts like Bozoma Saint John; from the chief marketing officers of SAP to Sam’s Club, the NFL to Hershey’s….

All of this has helped me gain a pretty good understanding of not just how to speak with executives in almost any area, but to really recognize that today, companies all have to be able to embrace audio AND television AND print AND social media to get their business message out there. So that’s what I’ll doing: using audio, and some long form show notes with lots of links to help you navigate information and interesting stories from thought leaders in all areas of the industry… with a little insight on who they are personally… and hopefully a little fun along the way.

And, if you ever want to talk local radio from South Jersey to Southern California, let me know! If you have a suggested executive to profile, let me know! If you read that I’ll be interviewing someone (I’ll post via Twitter and other platforms), let me know what questions you want me to ask!

And all I ask is that I you listen to this all new Insider Interviews podcast, with me, E.B. Moss, and subscribe, share and, most of all enjoy!