When you think about it, national advertising can definitely build awareness — or brand equity. But as Keith Kazerman, President of Locality Streaming pointed out, every purchase made actually occurs LOCALLY.  Hmm. There was a lot more food for thought in Episode “lucky” 13 when I sat down with Keith and his counterpart, Ann Hailer, President, Locality Broadcast.

Ann and Keith are like a “Local Ads Power Couple.” They are so on the same page about the of power of pairing broadcast and streaming you’ll hear that they sometimes finish each other’s sentences. We need more of this approach in our fragmented media world, so tune in to also hear how they seamlessly leverage linear and digital to offer up what they call “Precision Reach.” Or, fine-tuned targeting plus scale.

Advertisers shouldn’t have to pick, and broadcast still has a very long tail. So, Locality formed out of CoxReps and Gamut a few months back now representing some 300 broadcast stations and more than 150 publishers for the one-two punch of streaming AND broadcast premium and exclusive ad inventory.

Here’s what else you’ll hear and learn:

[00:02:07] “The state of local TV is fantastic. As we look at content and the relevancy and recency of local news, and local sports with the return of NFL and college football, there is an uptick in viewership and engagement…” — Kazerman

[00:06:00] “Broadcast groups leverage all of their owned and operated content in ways that that local content can reach consumers, even if it’s not over the air.” — Hailer  Both agree it’s Broadcast AND Streaming, not versus, which is what enables PRECISION REACH“.

[00:8:50] Whether Miami or Cincinnati, it’s a different product of interest in that market. That creative needs to speak to that and reach that audience based on that target and location. [Think of the same home store, but pitching patio furniture vs snowblowers…]

[00:09:35] Thriving content verticals include sports, but also News drives trust thanks to local personalities. (Check out my recent episode with Lou Paskalis on this topic, in Epi 12.)

[00:13:07] Why Streaming is Prime Time all the time

00:13:01 Measurement and streaming challenges.

[00:15:10] Enabling better quality advertising (Locality lends a hand), and how ad tags offer credibility and brand lift.

[00:17:25] Recalling moments from their Cynopsis Big TV panel …and my Special Report on Locality on the importance of local advertising.

Albert Thompson interviewing Ann Hailer and Keith Kazerman – Cynopsis BIG TV Conf

[00:19:37] Politics in local advertising. Where is the $11B in political ad dollars going? Yup. Local at scale. “Yes, we have national campaigns,” said Hailer, “but it happens in local precincts, with local votes, votes in swing states, votes for Senate…”

[00:23:31] Change management and mentorship.

[00:25:17] Finding champions at work (and yes, I was inspired to sing), and offering respect while persevering.


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